Hillary Reveals Why She Was Forced To Open Up About Lewinsky Scandal

Hillary Clinton opened up about the real reason she was forced to discuss the Monica Lewinsky scandal in her glowing new docuseries on Hulu entitled ‘Hillary.’ As The Daily Mail reports:

Hillary Clinton has said she agreed to talk about her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in a new Hulu documentary about her life because it would you ‘couldn’t do a film’ about her life without bringing it up.

The documentary does not air until March 6 but in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that will air on Thursday, Clinton discusses the production process.

She called it ‘draining’ and told how the director was adamant no topics would be off-limits once she and Bill had agreed to it…

‘But you couldn’t actually do a film about my life and not cover something that everybody knew about because you could read about it, and everybody had an opinion about (it),’ she said.

Hillary claimed in the interview that the decision to stay with Bill was the ‘gutsiest’ of her life, but many have pointed out that it likely may have simply been a cynical political decision as well to further her career. And it seems it was a sacrifice which didn’t pay off, as, after all of the humiliation she endured during the Lewinski scandal, she still failed in her ultimate goal of achieving the Presidency.

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