How Socialized Medicine Killed Princess Diana

During a panel Thursday discussing the dangers of the socialized medicine schemes being proposed by radical socialists in the Democratic party like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, renowed author Dr. David Schneider stated that he believed that the tragic car crash that took the life of Princess Diana in 1997 likely was caused by socialized medicine.

Schneider’s point seems to have been that the low morale and quality of the surgeons produced by France’s socialized medical system along with that system’s tragically long wait times contributed to the Princess’s death by delaying her post-crash surgey.

Schneider went on to say that ‘Princess Diana would have lived if her accident happened here in America.’ Due, no doubt, to the high quality of medicial care provided by America’s full embrace of capitialism and free enterprise.

Unfortunately America now faces the real threat that Princess Di’s fate may very well soon be shared by millions of Americans, at least in the unlikely event of Bernie Sanders somehow managing to win the Presidential election this November.

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