Jim Carrey Unveils Repulsive Drawing Of Nancy Pelosi Crushing Trump’s Testicles

Far-left actor Jim Carrey released a completely unhinged drawing of Nancy Pelosi crushing President Trump’s testicles with a gavel. As Breitbart reports:

Actor Jim Carrey released his latest and perhaps most gruesome political drawing late Friday, featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) banging a gavel down on President Donald Trump’s genitals.

“This is a cartoon I call ‘Welcome to Nancy’s Wheelhouse.’ It’s intended for mature audiences,” Jim Carrey said in a tweet promoting the graphic piece.


The Dumb and Dumber star’s drawing was his first public reaction to the House passing H. Res. 660 this week on a partisan vote of 232-196. The bill allows Pelosi and Democrats to formally establish the rules regarding the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Trump…

The Sonic the Hedgehog stars previous political drawings have included the brutal deaths of President Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric at the hands of an elephant and his wife Melania being electrocuted. Jim Carrey says the graphic drawings are his way of dealing with the “pain” inflicted by the current administration.

Carrey’s disgusting drawing shows the utter depravity of his mind, which has obviously left him completely since President Trump was elected.

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