Joe Biden Is Acting Like A Dictator

President Joe Biden meets with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Monday, June 17, 2024, in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

It’s time to pull the wool off: the president of the United States is behaving like a dictator.

I do not say this to be provocative or generate baseless controversy. I say it because it is true. After nearly four years in office, the evidence is irrefutable.

President Joe Biden recognizes no limit to his power. Whenever confronted with a constitutional boundary or check on his ability to implement his far-left agenda, he simply tramples it, treading the supreme law of the land underfoot.

On Tuesday, for example, the president announced a sweeping bid to grant citizenship to half a million illegal aliens already living in the United States—despite having zero constitutional authority to do so. Laughably, he dubbed his plan an “immigration relief” policy.

Amazingly, he did not even attempt to hide the fact that he is enacting the radical measure sans legislative approval.

“The first bill I introduced when I was president—an immigration bill that included this provision, but it never got off the ground,” Biden confessed within seconds of taking the mic at the White House on Tuesday. “It needed a little more help. But now, today, a significant portion of it is being passed–or,” he corrected himself, “being [enacted] by executive order.”

Meanwhile, Biden continues to lie through his teeth about the crisis on the border. “Over the past three years, while Congress has failed to act, the President has acted to secure our border,” the White House pretended in a press release. “President Biden believes we must secure our border.”

Of course, anyone who’s been paying attention knows Biden is gaslighting us. In reality, as NPR reported on January 21, 2021, “The newly inaugurated Biden administration wasted no time in taking two major steps to dismantle much-criticized Trump-era immigration policies in its first day in office.” These included suspending deportations and ending his predecessor’s signature “Remain In Mexico” policy within 24 hours of taking office. It marked the inception of an abysmal immigration track record, one which boasts of admitting over 10 million illegal aliens in less than four years.

But now, with an election around the corner and his immigration stance dragging on his popularity (recent polling reveals 64% of registered voters disapprove of the way the administration is handling immigration), Biden is seeking to whitewash the record. But he cannot have his cake and eat it too. He cannot claim to want to “secure our border” and incentivize illegal immigration with an easier path to amnesty at the same time.

What Biden really wants, of course, is votes. Even as he caters to those who hold him responsible for the border crisis, he attempts to buy votes from another demographic by offering citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal border crossers, hoping they will vote for him in the upcoming election. But perceptive Americans will see through the ruse.

Biden is recklessly wielding unconstitutional power via a magic wand, granting voters cool, shiny prizes. And as Rush Limbaugh famously observed, “It’s hard to beat Santa Claus.” But what is the cost?

Voters are naturally attracted to candidates who promise them everything they want—right now, no strings attached. But those are exactly the kind of promises aspiring tyrants make. Whether offering mass amnesty or stealing other people’s money to cancel student loans, they lure voters in with their lawless bait. And once the electorate is hooked, they consolidate their power through more abuse of the law and constitutional norms.

Biden aims to lure us in, but his schemes may still backfire. Even Hispanic voters have soured on illegal immigration, with a majority now supporting the mass deportation of illegal immigrants.

Ultimately, we must hope voters’ eyes are opened to the authoritarian nature of Biden’s actions. This president has no qualms about overstepping his bounds. There is no limit to what Biden will do to win a vote, and that makes him dangerous. Our country, Constitution and Republican form of government are not safe for as long as he sits on his self-created throne.

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