Julian Edelman Was Mic’d Up During Super Bowl Catch—See His Awesome Reaction

The very talented folks at NFL Films made a good decision when they decided to put a microphone on Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman for the Patriots-Falcons matchup in Super Bowl LI and it resulted in a very cool episode of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime on Tuesday.

Little would they know that Edelman was going to make one of the all-time great catches in Super Bowl history, a grab that was about 70 percent luck, but still required immense amounts of skill, and one that continued to flip momentum in the Patriots’ direction as they mounted a historic comeback.

Falcons corner Robert Alford, who still can’t believe Edelman caught the ball, tipped the ball into the air and Edelman managed to come away with it, despite the football hanging inches above the ground for a moment.

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