Kaepernick On The Verge Of Being Signed

NFL anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick’s attorney has hinted that the QB is on the verge of getting signed by a team.

According to The Daily Wire:

Is quarterback-turned-social justice activist and newly minted face of Nike Colin Kaepernick about to be back in the league he’s suing for “collusion” against him? That’s what his attorney, Mark Geragos, is teasing to the media — and he’s even dropping hints about which teams are supposedly interested.

Asked by TMZ Sports on Thursday if Kaepernick would ever get back into the league, Geragos said, “I would just say, ‘Stay tuned,’ that next week there may be some news” (video below).

“News like he might be signing?” asked the reporter.

“That’s as far as I’m gonna go,” said Geragos, who noted earlier that he was “pilloried” for predicting last year that his client was “going to get a contract in ten days.” Asked what gives him the confidence about his client’s imminent return, he said, “Have you ever heard of attorney-client privilege?”

The attorney gave some hints during the conversation but did say it was not the Miami Dolphins that would be signing the quarterback.

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