Legendary Hall Of Fame Pitcher Goose Gossage Demands Jail Time For Top Dems

Hall of Fame pitcher Goose Gossage laid into Democrat lawmakers on Tuesday while backing President Trump, claiming that many of the Democrats should be in jail. As Fox News reports:

Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage attacked Democrats Tuesday and defended President Trump, who he said could be the only one to replace the Steinbrenner family as New York Yankees owner.

Gossage, who has gotten political over the last few years and has been an outspoken supporter of Trump, told NJ.com he wants to see some of the top Democrats go to jail.

“I’m hoping and I’m praying that these (expletive) go off the cliff to never be heard from again,” Gossage said. “All of them! Nancy Pelosi and that lying Chuck Schumer. And then (expletive) Robert Mueller and the (expletive) Mueller Report, and the FBI … I hope some of them go to jail!”

Gossage, who reminisced with the newspaper about the life of Hank Steinbrenner, said it’s Trump who can be the only person to replace the Steinbrenners as owner of the Yankees. He also said he was an unabashed Trump supporter.

The legendary pitcher also said that he felt that President Trump was being unfairly criticized over his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, and claimed that he believed that Democrats want the economy to fail so they can triumph over Trump in the November elections.

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