Legendary Singer Billy Joel Sued For Alleged Copyright Infringement

Legendary singer Billy Joel is now reportedly being sued, but not over music. Apparently the lawsuit stems from a dispute Joel had with a contractor who had been hired to perform home renovations on his mansion.

As Fox News reports:

Billy Joel has been slapped with a lawsuit for copyright infringement but it has nothing to do with the legend’s music.

The 70-year-old singer-songwriter is in a court battle with a contractor he hired last year to perform renovations to his Oyster Bay mansion on Long Island, N.Y.

According to a petition filed in federal court this week and obtained by Page Six, Berry Hill Development Corp., is suing the “Piano Man” singer for copyright infringement after Joel and the F. Scott LLC, which owns his properties, terminated the contractor and hired a new one to carry out the job instead.

Berry Hill’s owner, Paul Laruccia, claims in court documents that the new company’s architectural designs are “nearly identical” to the ones his company previously drew up.

A spokesman for Joel stated that the singer is refusing to pay back money owed to the contractor because the contractor’s work contained serious defects in craftsmanship which, in fact, may have put Joel and his family in physical danger.

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