Lena Dunham Posts Toilet Selfie, Then Complains About Criticism

Actress Lena Dunham complained about the “kind of world we live in” after she faced ridicule for posting a picture of herself sitting on the toilet to her Instagram account.

Dunham, star of the HBO series Girls, posted the picture of her on the toilet accompanied by the caption, “model citizen ❤️❤️❤️photo by @jackantonoff who may regret having essentially married me (it would be very hard to detangle our assets).”

The photo showed Dunham sitting on the toilet pulling a contorted face.

However, Dunham later deleted the picture, complaining in another post, “When you delete your own peeing Insta cuz you chronically forget what kind of world we live in but you still gotta shout out your visual influence,” accompanied by a picture of Jenny McCarthy on the toilet.

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