Lewinsky Would Apologize to Hillary

A new documentary about the Clinton-Lewinsky affair is set to air on A&E. In a letter to Vanity Fair, Lewinsky says that she believes Bill owes her an apology but that she would apologize to Hillary in person if given the chance.

According to Fox News:

Lewinsky explained why she chose to come forward in a detailed essay for Vanity Fairpublished Tuesday.

“Some closest to me asked why would I want to revisit the most painful and traumatic parts of my life — again,” she wrote. “Publicly. On-camera. With no control of how it would be used. A bit of a head-scratcher, as my brother is fond of saying.

Lewinsky also explained that, even though she has already apologized to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton during an interview with Barbara Walters in 1999, she would be grateful for the chance to personally reach out to Hillary, 71.

“And if I were to see Hillary Clinton in person today, I know that I would summon up whatever force I needed to again acknowledge to her – sincerely – how very sorry I am,” Lewinsky wrote. “I know I would do this because I have done it in other difficult situations related to 1998. I have also written letters apologizing to others — including some who also wronged me gravely. I believe that when we are trapped by our inability to evolve, by our inability to empathize humbly and painfully with others, then we remain victims ourselves.”

Lewinsky said that her participation in the documentary was in hopes that she could encourage other women to come forward and share their stories.

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