Marvel Comics Unveils New Social Justice Super Hero ‘Snowflake’

Marvel Comics has unveiled its newest super hero, a social justice themed character called ‘Snowflake.’ As The Daily Wire reports:

Marvel Comics is finally debuting its long-promised “non-binary” superhero as part of their New Warriors reboot, and their name is “Snowflake” — an obvious jab at “transphobic” detractors.

Bounding into Comics revealed the trailer for Marvel’s New Warriors reboot earlier this week, and both Snowflake, and their twin, Safespace, feature prominently (though Snowflake seems to have a slightly bigger role).

The original New Warriors debuted in the early 1990s, as a selection of rebel mutants somewhat junior to the more experienced Avengers. They came along at a time when Marvel was trying to retool a number of its characters for a younger audience used to edgier, more relevant storylines…

“Snowflake is non-binary and goes by they/them,” Kibblesmith said. “Snowflake has the power to generate individual crystallized snowflake-shaped shurikens. The connotations of the word snowflake in our culture right now are something fragile. And this is a character who is turning it into something sharp. Snowflake is the person who has the more offensive power and Safespace is the person who has the more defensive power. The idea is that they would mirror each other and complement each other.”

With Comics readership already in decline, it seems like Marvel may very have signed its own metphorical death warrant with this decision, as it seems unlikely such a ridiculous move will help its already struggling sales.

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