Matt Walsh: Attempting To Create A Paradigm Shift In American Politics

Matt Walsh, the host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast and a columnist for The Daily Wire, and is a critic of gender ideology. Walsh recently had a documentary released, What Is A Woman?, a documentary not only did well with its audience, but also sparked a larger question surrounding this ideology as a whole.

Walsh in late September came after Vanderbilt University Medical Center for their decisions to perform surgeries or give drugs to children seeking a gender change. The Daily Wire columnist and host gathered details and evidence that Vanderbilt performed “gender-affirming” surgeries and prescribed hormonal drugs to people under the age of 18.

While many saw this and agreed with Matt Walsh for exposing Vanderbilt. some replied to Walsh’s tweet with criticism for his choice to come after Vanderbilt for performing surgeries and prescribing drugs to children.

The disdain for Matt Walsh and his findings went so far that the Daily Beast’s Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling released an article on Walsh: “Vanderbilt Medical Clinic Shuts Down Its Website After Transphobic Attacks” (Tagged: “Dangerous Claims”).

However, the September tweets from Matt Walsh were objective discoveries and reporting, not an op-ed or “transphobic” attacks by Walsh. By the same token, Houghtaling is creating “Dangerous Claims” about Walsh as a result of covering a story someone may not like.

Here is the original Twitter thread by Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog):

Since September 20. 2022, Matt Walsh’s investigation has led to a complete halt of Vanderbilt’s facility to transition children. Most who read the September Tweets by Matt Walsh were made uncomfortable with what Vanderbilt was doing to children. While a few people showed a disagreement with Walsh, most were happy with his decision to bring up what Vanderbilt does to children in hopes that legal situations as a result of their transitioning of children paired with mass public outrage will force their hand in ending the mutilation of children.


For the past few decades, conservatives have been often viewed as a weak party, that’s just trying to slow down the change the left wants. Moves like this are where the right can flex their muscle. The left already won on this front and the surgeries were being performed whether the right liked it or not.

However, when a right-wing influencer is able to step in and actually influence the masses’ opinion on trans therapy is a huge step in the right direction. This one move was enough to shut down a hospital’s child transgender care facilities, and end the mutilation of children.

While many people are lectured on statements such as “gender exists on a spectrum” “sex and gender are not same things” and, possibly the biggest lie trans activists will say, “if you ever decide to go on hormone blockers – they can be reversed”.

What Vanderbilt did to these children, in many if not most cases, can not be reversed. The damage that hormone therapies and hormone blockers will do to the body in most cases can not be reversed and can lead to infertility or cardiovascular issues. For men taking male-to-female drugs, the main drug offered is Leuprolide, which is the most commonly used drug in chemical castration. The effects on the reproductive system as a result of this drug, or any similar drug, are irreversible.

While Matt Walsh came after Vanderbilt specifically for their actions, there’s a bigger picture. This is simply a political matter of pronouns, how to define gender, etc., this is a matter of allowing doctors to mutilate children for profit.

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