Michael Moore Is Back With More…

Michael Moore is turning into one of those failed business people that are trying to grasp for the mic constantly because he keeps throwing the same thing out, he is a one trick pony, a total loser! He was on MSNBC to talk about the Tax cuts and how they are killing people or whatever the leftist narrative is these days. It’s always strange to see someone with a lot of money talk down to people about what’s best for them and how they can spend it right. As Fox News Reports:

Moore, an outspoken critic of President Trump, mocked Republican lawmakers for lacking the courage to stand up to the president with a potential government shutdown looming. Moore said that Trump’s 2017 tax cut only helped “the top .1 percent” of Americans, but the people benefiting need to turn on the president.

“When will they decide he’s got to go? That will be the interesting moment,” Moore said. “Nobody has had the courage to stand up and say this is this is un-American. This hurts this country.”

The filmmaker then said the tax cut is “in a sense, an act of terror,” because it’s going to make life more difficult for people who are already struggling and even blamed America’s opioid crisis on the tax cut.

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1 month ago

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