Navy SEALs Furious Over History Channel’s SEAL Team Six Documentary

Some of the brave Navy commandos who turned SEAL Team Six into the military’s most elite unit are annoyed at the History Channel for showing their faces in a recent documentary “Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors.”

The SEALs, who captured and killed Osama bin Laden and many other terrorists, have historically kept their exploits and their identities secret so they can retire without fear of reprisal. But the documentary about the unit’s beginnings included a group picture from the ’80s, clearly showing the faces of the 76 founding members of the team.

“Why would they show that picture?” one former SEAL said. “I already am hearing from people who recognized me. Not cool.” A History Channel source said the group photo had been widely circulated for many years, and is easily found on search engines.

When Discovery Channel aired the documentary “Secrets of SEAL Team Six” in 2011, it didn’t identify which of the men shown were members of the unit.

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