Patriots Kicker To Get Tattoo Removed After Link To Militia Group Revealed?

Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser recently became the center of a controversy after a tattoo he got was linked to the right-wing milita group the “three percenters.”

He has now vowed to get the tattoo after the supposed link was revealed. As The New York Post reports:

Patriots draftee Justin Rohrwasser says he plans to remove his controversial arm tattoo, which is associated with a right-wing militia group called “The Three Percenters,” after receiving significant backlash for it in recent days.

Rohrwasser, a kicker the Pats took in the fifth round (159th overall) of Saturday’s 2020 NFL Draft, told WBZ-TV in Boston on Monday that the tattoo doesn’t represent who he is. The 23-year-old says he was 18 when he got the tattoo. He initially said he would get the tattoo covered.

“As soon as I saw what it was linked to on Saturday, it was exactly that time I knew I had to get it totally taken off my body,” Rohrwasser said. “I said cover it up [to reporters], but I want to get it removed from my body. It’s shameful that I had it on there ignorantly.

“It was described to me as the percentage of colonists that rose up against the government of the British,” he added. “I was like, ‘Wow, that is such an American sentiment, a patriotic sentiment.’ Coming from a military family, I thought that really spoke to me. I always was proud to be an American. I’m very proud to be an American.”

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