Photo Of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton Entered As Evidence In Rape Trial

Harvey Weinstein’s defense team threw a fit after the lead prosecutor in the case showed the jury a picture of the disgraced Hollywood mogul and accused rapist in a picture with former President Bill Clinton. As The New York Post reports:

Prosecutor Meghan Hast displayed the image during her opening statement, in which she described Weinstein as a “power broker in Hollywood” who used his influence to prey on “naive and inexperienced” young women.

After the jury was sent home for the day, defense lawyer Arthur Aidala asked Manhattan Supreme Court Justice James Burke to declare a mistrial, saying the picture was intended to “poison” the panel against Weinstein, 67.

Aidala said that “two buddies with their arms around each other” was “100% irrelevant and has nothing to do with sex crimes.”

Aidala also noted that jurors saw the photo on the same day that House Democrats began delivering their opening arguments at the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

The prosecutor went on to describe how one of Weinstein’s accusers claimed that Weinstein was frequently on the phone with his close friend Bill Clinton during the times they were together, which made her feel intimidated by his powerful connections.

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