Pro-Trump Rocker Slams Trump Critic

Kid Rock, the pro-Trump rocker, appeared on Fox News on Friday and slammed Trump critic Joy Behar on live television.

According to The Daily Wire:

To shake things up a bit, “Fox & Friends” sent co-host Steve Doocy to do a segment at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock & Roll Steakhouse Friday morning and got even more political incorrectness than it was planning for when the rocker offered his thoughts on left-wing “The View” host Joy Behar.

“People need to calm down, get a little less politically correct, and I would say, you know, love everybody — except, I’d say screw that Joy Behar b****,” said the performer.

“No, now, you can’t—” Doocy interjected, as the audience went wild. “You cannot say that,” said Doocy, laughing despite his best efforts. “We apologize for that.”

“I mean ‘lady,'” said Rock sarcastically.

Given the opportunity to apologize Kid Rock apologized for the language he chose but not for the sentiment behind it. Savage move.

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