Rapper Tells White Trump Haters ‘It’s Not Going That Bad For You … Toughen Up’

Chicago-based artist Chance the Rapper says he doesn’t believe Donald Trump needed to “make America great again” for his white supporters — because their life was already “sweet” before Trump.

“Like, ‘Make America Great Again,’ that’s not a real thing because sh*t ain’t really switched up for them,” the seven-time Grammy-nominated rapper told GQ in a recent interview.

“It’s not really going that bad for you,” he said of Trump voters. “If you feel like you’re the under-represented, under-appreciated side of Middle America that is white—quote me—you need to, uh, toughen up, n*gga! Somebody gotta punch you in the chest, because sh*t is sweet for you.”

Chance the Rapper, whose real name is Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, says people are becoming more aware of “real issues.”

“I would say to everybody, you know, the world is coming together. Like there’s—every day people are becoming more and more, I’m not using this word in terms of emotion, but sensitive to real issues and— And aware,” he said. “That’s really what I mean. People are raising their kids to be more and more knowledgeable and understanding.”

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