REPORT: NBA Set To Ban Kanye’s Shoe

The NBA is reportedly set to ban Kanye West’s sneaker. It is said to be because of a design flaw, but something it could be politically motivated.

According to Breitbart:

Rap mogul Kanye West is already taking fire for his defense of President Trump on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Now, in addition to those problems, a new report claims that the NBA will not allow the rapper’s “Yeezy” basketball shoes to be worn on the floor this year.

According to ESPN, the NBA will likely ban the shoes due to their reflective highly-reflective heels. The concern, according to industry insiders cited in the ESPN report, is that the reflection from the heels would be a distraction to spectators and television audiences.

Players were expected to wear the shoes during the upcoming 2018-2019 season. However, in light of these new concerns about the reflection from the shoes, it’s thought that no player will wear Yeezy’s this year without a re-design to eliminate the glare.

“NBA officials must OK new designs from brands ahead of each season,” ABC reported. The NBA hadn’t formally reviewed the new Yeezy shoe as of Monday, but the design West showcased most recently would not be permitted as is, a source told ESPN.

Kanye has been the target of bullying from the left lately which leads to the presumption that this is a biased decision by the NBA. It is unclear if the NBA will work with West on a design that would be approved.

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