Report: Only a Fraction of Subway’s Oven Roasted Chicken is Actually Chicken

Subway is fighting back against a claim that the chicken it serves up isn’t all real chicken. A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigation backed by Trent University researchers says a DNA test showed the oven roasted chicken is just over half chicken. The rest was made up of soy.

The same test found other fast food chains had about 85 to 90 percent chicken as opposed to Subway’s 50 percent. With such a different result, the researchers tested five more oven roasted chicken pieces and five orders of chicken strips: the roasted averaged 53.6 percent chicken DNA and the strips 42.8.

Subway said it can’t confirm any of the testing methods used, but admits it uses about 1 percent of soy protein for texture and moisture.

“We will look into this again with our supplier to ensure that the chicken is meeting the high standard we set for all of our menu items and ingredients,” the chain said in a statement.

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