Report: Scientology, Beloved By Hollywood Celebrities May Become Hotspot For Coronavirus

Scientology, a bizarre religion beloved by many Hollywood celebrities, may be helping to spread the Coronavirus according to new reports obtained by the Daily Mail.

As coronavirus sweeps the globe, Scientology could be hit hard, as whistleblowers tell the religion’s bases around the world are poorly equipped to handle the crisis.

In a missive seen by, Scientology’s chairman of the board David Miscavige branded the COVID-19 crisis ‘hysteria’ and ‘planetary bullbait’, while vowing to create a safe environment for business to go on as usual.

But with its beliefs that illness marks a ‘potential trouble source’ and rumors of dwindling revenues that normally come from members who flock to US bases from all over the world, the pandemic appears to pose a real threat to the church founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

Sources who spent years at Scientology’s base in Clearwater, Florida, say the 2,000-odd staff – many of whom are elderly – live in cramped ‘death trap’ conditions where social distancing is all but impossible, as video obtained by shows members existing from a bus last week aren’t keeping six feet apart.

Some of the notable celebrities who are part of Scientology include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kristie Alley.

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