Researcher Featured In Netflix Special ‘Pandemic’ Announces Potential Cure For Coronavirus

A top medical researcher working on infectious diseases who was featured in the recent Netflix special ‘Pandemic,’ Dr. Jacob Glanville, is now claiming that he and his team have now developed a potential cure for Coronavirus. As The Daily Wire reports:

Distributed Bio co-founder and CEO Dr. Jacob Glanville told the Radio New Zealand program “Checkpoint” this week that he believes his team of scientists have developed a cure for the coronavirus.

“I’m happy to report that my team has successfully taken five antibodies that back in 2002 were determined to bind and neutralise, block and stop the SARS virus,” Dr Glanville said. “We’ve evolved them in our laboratory, so now they very vigorously block and stop the SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] virus as well. This makes them suitable medicines that one could use once they’ve gone through human testing to treat the virus.”

Glanville is featured in a Netflix documentary called “Pandemic” that explores where viruses come from, how scientists and medical professionals look at pandemics, and how experts try to prevent them from happening.

“The new virus is a cousin of the old SARS. So what we’ve done is we’ve created hundreds of millions of versions of those antibodies, we’ve mutated them a bit, and in that pool of mutated versions, we found versions that cross them over,” Glanville continued. “So now we know they bind on the same spot as the new virus, Covid-19. It binds the spot that the virus uses to gain entry into your cells. It blocks that.”

Glanville has now sent the antibodies on to the US military in hopes of receiving their seal of approval. If this happens it may be one of the significant scientific breakthroughs in recent memory.

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