Roger Ailes, Fox News’ Sexual Harrassment Woes May be Under Federal Investigation

An attorney representing former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros in her suit against the network and its former chieftan Roger Ailes told a New York court on Wednesday that Fox was being investigated by federal authorities.

Judd Burstein said at a court hearing that he “was told by the U.S. Attorney’s office there is an ongoing criminal investigation, relating to these allegations, all of these allegations,” according to the New York Daily News. He said that one of his other clients received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury.

Tantaros filed a sexual harassment suit against Ailes and Fox in August.

Burstein also claimed outside the courtroom that there was “compelling evidence” Fox conducted electronic surveillance against her, according to NPR’s David Folkenflik. 21st Century Fox executives, according to NPR, privately noted that the claim was made six months after Tarantos’ lawsuit was filed and was timed to hit the company at a vulnerable time.

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