Rosie O’Donnell And Alyssa Milano Praise Romney For Voting To Convict Trump

Ultra-liberal anti-Trump comedian Rosie O’Donnell, along with Alyssa Milano and other Hollywood stars all joined together to thank and praise Utah GOP Senator Mitt Romney for betraying President Trump by stunning the world by voting to convict and remove him on Wednesday. As The Daily Mail reports:

Donald Trump has tweeted a video calling Mitt Romney a ‘Democrat secret asset’ after he went against his party in the impeachment vote – as celebrities praise the Utah senator for voting to convict the president…

He has since been praised on social media by a string of celebrities as a ‘Republican with honor’ and a ‘decent, courageous man’ as others slammed Trump’s acquittal.

Bette Middler, Alyssa Milano, Cher and Mark Hamill were among the celebrities criticize Republican senators who they branded as ‘cowards and fools’ for siding with Trump.

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano, an outspoken critic of Trump, added praise for Romney while bashing the remaining Republican senators: ‘Thank you for doing what’s right, @MittRomney. History will remember you as a decent, courageous, man among cowards and fools.’

It seems that Mitt Romney’s betrayal has earned him a significant bump in popularity among Hollywood liberals, even if it has completely alienated regular Americans.

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