See What Michael Moore Offered to Electors who Skip Voting for Trump

Michael Moore made one final plea to electors to vote against President-elect Donald Trump by offering to pay possible fines incurred for being faithless electors.

“I am writing you not as a card-carrying Democrat (I’m not) who voted for Hillary (I did), but simply because I am an American who, like you, deeply loves this country and its people,” the 62-year-old filmmaker wrote on Sunday. In a long and rambling statement on his Facebook, Moore told Republican members of the electoral college to vote against the will of their states and not choose Trump.

“Tomorrow is the day you are supposed to gather with your fellow electors and choose the next President of the United States,” Moore pleaded. “I am not going to ask you to vote for the person who got the most votes (although I will not be upset should you chose to side with the majority of your fellow Americans and do so!). No, I’m simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump.”

“Although it may ultimately have to be decided by the courts, right now you have the duty to do what you feel is right,” he added. “One reason the founders set up the Electoral College was to make sure there was one final protection should someone who is a danger to the country slip through.”

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