Shark Mark Cuban Doesn’t Think Trump can be Beat

One of the most famous sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” has spoken up about the upcoming presidential election. Mark Cuban does not see anyone who could beat Trump in 2020.

According to Fox News:

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban said in an interview Tuesday that he doesn’t think any of the Democratic candidates for president right now can beat President Trump.

“Nobody right now,” Cuban said when asked which candidate has the best chance of dashing the president’s re-election hopes.

“Politicians are the least trusted of every profession,” the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks told CNBC. “If you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, first and foremost it was because he wasn’t a politician.”

Cuban also called the candidates’ campaign proposals “headline porn,” claiming none of the policies would be legislatively viable.

Cuban has considered running for president but stated that he will not anytime soon. Cuban has said previously that if he ran it would be as a Republican.

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