Singer Stuns Grammy’s With Pro-Trump Dress

Pro-Trump singer Joy Villa shocked onlookers by proudly wearing a pro-Trump dress right into the heart of liberal cultural power: the Grammay Awards. As The Daily Wire reports:

One way to make heads explode in Hollywood: Wear a pro-Trump dress to an awards show.

Joy Villa, an award-winning recording artist and political activist, arrived at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards wearing a red, white and blue ensemble. The 28-year-old hit some poses for the cameras, showing off a tight floor-length red dress and white form-fitting coverlet adorned with blue sequins and white stars. She wore two huge red ostrich feathers in her hair and carried a tiny clutch purse emblazoned with a red, white and blue elephant, the symbol of the Republican Party.

On the front of her dress, in huge white letters and numbers, it read “TRUMP 2020.” On the back of the backless dress, it read: “IMPEACHED & RE-ELECTED.”

Both the gown and the coat with cape sleeves were custom-made by Desi Allinger of Desi Designs.

Allinger told The Hollywood Reporter: “The collar of Joy’s latex dress was inspired by a neckline on a dress by Alexander McQueen, and the coat is inspired by our first lady [Melania Trump] — I just picture her in this. So yeah, USA!”

Sunday marked the third Hollywood event Villa has attended where she has proudly displayed her love and support for President Trump.

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