SJW Author Stephen King BLASTED After Bizarre Anti-Trump Tweet During National Emergency

Anti-Trump author Stephen King was hammered by criticism after he published a bizarre, woke tweet targeting President Trump’s reponse to the Coronavirus.

His complaint apparently was that the President’s Coronavirus response team was too ‘old,’ ‘male,’ and ‘white.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

At midday on Friday, novelist Stephen King, whose hatred of President Trump runs deep, decided to take a typically leftist shot at the president, tweeting, “Note that Trump’s coronavirus team is all male, all old, and all white.”

King’s knee-jerk tweet was met with something for everyone: a dose of reality, some criticism and pointed mockery. There was a picture that spoke a thousand words:

There was criticism; TV commentator Dana Loesch: “Deborah Birx, one of the women present that Stephen says doesn’t exist and focuses on that instead of the important info being discussed, just finished answering a question.”

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich: “Well this is completely irrelevant and ridiculous during a pandemic but it’s also very wrong. U.S. Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy Dr. Deborah Birx and Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verna are on the team. They both spoke today.”

Pundit Erick Erickson: “Fascinating. They scream for the President to do something. The President does something. So now they attack them for not being diverse enough. Kinda signals that there is no reason to listen to them.”

It seems like no matter what the President does the woke left will find some reason to criticize him. This is irritating enough during normal times, but it’s potentially downright dangerous during a national emergency.

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