Spike Lee Puts Out Anti-Trump Shoes

Filmmaker Spike Lee posted a photo to Instagram of himself holding up a pair of custom Black History Month Air Jordan 1s, in an apparent show of protest against President Donald Trump.

One shoe featured the anti-Trump slogan “RESIST” while the other shoe read “REPEL AGENT ORANGE,” a moniker popularized by rapper Busta Rhymes, who referred to Trump as “President Agent Orange” during a performance at the 59th annual Grammy Awards this month.

“RESIST – REPEL AGENT ORANGE. DATS DA PUTIN TRUTH, RUTH. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY,” Lee wrote in the caption below the photo. “Shout Out To My Man Busta Rhymes. Special Shout Out To Tip, Ali And The Rest Of The Tribe. Artwork By Danielle Mastrion.”

Last February, the Chi-Raq director called Trump’s presidential candidacy “madness” and said his election “could be the end of us all.”

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