Stormy Admits Her Biggest Regret

Porn star Stormy Daniels is having major regrets about some of the claims she made about President Trump. In a new interview, Stormy says she wishes she could take them back.

According to The Daily Wire:

Porn star Stormy Daniels — whose 2020 presidential hopeful lawyer Michael Avenatti is also representing a woman who claimed without evidence that Brett Kavanaugh was a gang rapist — has apparently realized that the passage in her new memoir “Full Disclosure” describing Donald Trump’s “manhood” has backfired big time on her. She now feels “pretty terrible” about “body shaming” the president.

In an interview with Australian current affairs show “60 Minutes” Sunday, Daniels said that her “mushroom” Mario Kart reference about Trump’s member was written when she was “very angry” and suggested that she now wishes she could take it back.

“So I was very angry in writing that,” she told host Liz Hayes, reports. “And now that the book is out and people are reading about it, and it’s all over the internet I actually feel pretty terrible about it … in a way it’s body shaming.”

Asked if her motive was to “humiliate” Trump, Daniels insisted that it wasn’t.

Daniels claimed that her intention was not to hurt Trump but instead to stop people from hurting her. It is unclear how she was hurt in this matter.

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