Ted Cruz And Actor James Woods Team Up To Take Down Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders

Pro-Trump actor James Woods and Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz have formed an unlikely alliance on Twitter in an attempt to take down surging socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

As The Daily Wire reports:

With socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) increasingly looking like the prohibitive favorite to take the Democratic nomination, Woods and Cruz have weighed in recently on Sanders and what his rise means about the direction of the Democratic Party, and the two conservative voices have found a lot of common ground.

In response to former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang telling CNN, as Sanders was cruising to victory in Nevada over the weekend, that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the working class, Cruz agreed and expanded on Yang’s premise.

“Yang is right: This is the most fundamental political shift of the past decade,” Cruz tweeted. “The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, has abandoned union members, and the GOP has become the blue-collar party of jobs.”

Woods, in turn, noticed Cruz’s tweet, likewise agreed with the premise, and offered his own, less senatorial and a little more dramatized take on the Democratic Party.

Let’s hope that such arguments can prevail with American voters in November, the fate of the Republic may very well depend on it.

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