These Everyday Kitchen Staples Just Keep Getting More Expensive After Three Years Of Biden

High inflation during President Joe Biden’s time in office has raised prices across the board, but some kitchen staples have been hit harder than others, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Prices since Biden took office in January 2021 have increased by 17.6%, with year-over-year inflation peaking at 9.1% in June 2022 and decelerating to its current annual rate of 3.4% as of December. Certain products have seen bigger price jumps than others, including household staples like bread and bakery products, which rose by 25% and 26.6%, respectively, according to the BLS.

Beef products have been hit especially hard by high inflation under Biden, with prices for uncooked beef steaks that can be bought at the grocery store rising 24.8%, uncooked ground beef increasing 21.6% and uncooked beef roasts climbing 26.7%, according to BLS. In that same time frame, the price of turkey and certain other uncooked poultry rose by 26.7%.

While fresh produce has been more resistant to inflationary pressures, the price of frozen fruits and vegetables under Biden has increased by 23.5%, according to the BLS. Nonalcoholic beverages and juices have had their prices increase by 21.6% since January 2021, bolstered by the subcategory frozen noncarbonated juices and drinks, for which prices inflated by 31.6%.

Accessories to main dishes have also taken a big hit from inflation under Biden, with prices for sauces and graviesincreasing by 27.5% and spices, seasonings, condiments and sauces climbing by 22.7%, according to the BLS. Other household products that had a huge increase in prices under Biden include baby food and formula, inflating 27.8%, and sugar and sweets, climbing 22.5%.

Other items like milk and eggs have seen significant deflation over the last year, with prices falling 1.8% and 23.8%, respectively, according to the BLS. Despite their recent fall, the price of milk is still up 17.3%, and the price of eggs is still up 35% since Biden first took office.

The cost of shelter has also risen faster than the general rate of inflation under Biden, inflating 18.6% after rising rapidly in the last year, totaling 6.2% annually as of December, according to the BLS.

“Inflation is surging once again, destroying the narrative that the inflation fight is over,” Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Jobs Creator Network, said in a statement to the DCNF following Thursday’s BLS report. “Prices of goods and services are still rising at nearly twice the Federal Reserve’s target rate. This high inflation is coming on top of the historic inflation that occurred during the first two years of Biden’s presidency. As a result, ordinary Americans and small businesses are facing a cost-of-living crisis. Today’s inflation numbers show no relief is in sight, and the nation is moving in the wrong direction. Resurgent inflation is a direct result of reckless spending by the Biden administration and Congress.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request to comment from the DCNF.

Will Kessler on January 11, 2024

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