Thursday Update: Trump To Attend Game 4 Of World Series, NFL Won’t Issue A Public Report About Washington Team Investigation, LeBron Feuds With ‘Squid Game’ Creator

Photo by Gage Skidmore

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:

World Series

Former President Donald Trump will be at the World Series this weekend in Atlanta to watch the Game 4 match-up between the Braves and the Houston Astros.   

He is reportedly not a guest of the MLB, or of league commissioner Rob Manfred, who moved the 2021 All-Star Game out of Georgia, due to their alleged discriminatory voter laws.

The series is currently tied 1-1.  


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league’s 10-month investigation into sexual harassment and abuse allegations against the Washington Football Team would conclude without a public report.

Goodell said the decision was made to protect the identities of around 150 former employees who testified during the investigation. However at least one of them wants the report to be made public.  

“I love for this to be a learning point, not just for the NFL, but for leagues and teams all across that this shouldn’t be hidden,” said former Washington employee Ana Nunez. “There shouldn’t be, no workplace is perfect which is understandable, but there has to be a level of accountability when it comes to toxic culture and sexual harassment.”

Goodell also believes that team owner Dan Synder, who has been removed from the organization’s day-to-day operations, has been punished enough. 

“I do think he has been held accountable and the organization has been held accountable,” Goodell concluded.

Conservative Casting?

“Toy Story” spinoff “Lightyear,” which features titular character Buzz Lightyear, has replaced comedian Tim Allen with Chris Evans as the astronaut’s voice.  

Though Allen has played the character in the original film and subsequent sequels, he was reportedly never in consideration for the spinoff. Fans are speculating the re-casting is due to the actor’s conservative political beliefs. 

“No disrespect to Chris Evans but why did Pixar not get Tim Allen back,” tweeted one fan. “He’s the only Buzz Lightyear.”

“So glad Tim Allen isn’t voicing Buzz Lightyear. His political beliefs will negatively influence children who watch the film and he sounds like he’s 90-years-old anyways,” said one Twitter user. “Sorry, not sorry. Chris Evans is the perfect fit.”

One “Toy Story” fan came up with an explanation that has nothing to do with partisan politics.  

“The Buzz Lightyear that Tim Allen played was a toy not the actual guy, that was the whole joke of his character in Toy Story, Chris Evans is playing the actual Buzz Lightyear, so not the same character – not everything is political,” they replied.

Breaking Up

Swedish supergroup ABBA is officially breaking up… But not until after they release their first new album in four decades on November 5, and a digital concert experience that opens up at London’s new ABBA Arena in May 2022.  

“This is it. It’s got to be, you know,” said member Benny Andersson, “I never said myself that ABBA was never going to happen again. But I can tell you now: This is it.”

So ABBA’s calling it quits.. Eventually.   

Squid Feud

LA Lakers star LeBron James is having a tiff with Netflix hit “Squid Game’s” creator Hwang Dong-hyuk. 

James was caught on camera discussing the show with teammate Anthony Davis after wrapping up a recent press conference, and said he didn’t like the show’s ending. 

“You finish it? You watched it? You done?” He asked Davis. “Yeah, I didn’t like the ending though. I know they start it off with a Season 2, but, like, get on the f–king flight and go see your daughter, bro. Like, what are you doing?”

James referred to the main character not going back to his daughter after surviving the game, a criticism Dong-hyuk clearly took very seriously. 

“That’s my ending,” the creator shot back. “If he has his own that would satisfy him, maybe he could make his own sequel. I’ll check it out and maybe send him a message saying, ‘I liked your whole show, except the ending.’” 

A baffled James replied on Twitter, posting a Sports Illustrated article about Dong-hyuk’s response, with the caption: “This can’t be real right??!! I hope not.” 

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