Tim Tebow Reveals His New Passion

It’s not about the money or the fame … Tim Tebow says he’s simply pursuing a baseball career for the love of the game.

Tebow appeared on “Good Morning America” in NYC Monday morning — even though he’s got a game tonight in Arizona — and told Robin Roberts he’s having a blast playing minor league baseball.

“I’m so passionate about the game and pursuing it and playing every day is just so much fun,” Tebow said … “It’s amazing when you do something for the love of it.”

Tebow also opens up about how he bounced back after getting pushed out of the NFL — “I’ve been told by a lot of different teams that I’m not good enough so how do you handle that?”

“For me, it’s to be able to have a foundation of something bigger than yourself, understand what God says about you, that you are important, that you have a life of significance and you have a life of meaning.”

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