Trevor Noah: Trump Isn’t the ‘Real President’—Here’s Who He Says Is

Trevor Noah was supposed to have his first member of the Trump administration on The Daily Show Monday night in the form of Omarosa Manigault. But after another rough day for the White House, she decided to cancel at the last minute.

“We were supposed to be joined by senior Trump adviser Omarosa, who, of course, was here to promote her episode of Say Yes to the Dress,” Noah revealed midway through Monday night’s episode. “That is true, by the way. But, at the last minute, she bailed on us, and the reason she gave—and this is true again—is that the administration didn’t want her interview on The Daily Show to eclipse the news of the day.”

“Now, that doesn’t really make sense to us, because this was the news of the day,” he added, pivoting to the damning James Comey hearing on Capitol Hill.

Noah may have been better off talking to someone from Fox News anyway, as he outlined earlier in the show during a recurring segment called “Who Is the Real President?” After highlighting the role of “shadowy manipulator” Steve Bannon last month, Noah declared Fox News the new leader of the free world.

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