Trump Wants Stormy to Pay Double

The Trump team is calling on Stormy Daniels to pay double their legal fees as punishment for filing what they call a frivolous lawsuit.

According to The Daily Wire:

Stormy Daniels and her Democratic presidential hopeful attorney Michael Avenatti were undoubtedly anticipating an “excessive” bill from President Trump’s legal team on Monday, but, as Avenatti’s response indicates, they didn’t see Trump’s lawyers’ additional punitive request coming.

In a move Avenatti is calling “absolutely absurd and outrageous,” Trump’s legal team has not only submitted a $340,000 bill for legal fees for the defamation lawsuit filed by Daniels that was dismissed in October, they’re asking the judge to hit the president’s porn star accuser with a double bill as punishment for her frivolous suit, coming to a grand total of $778,806.

Avenatti was incensed by the actions of Trump’s lawyers, while the judge didn’t signal either way how he might rule. “At a hearing Monday, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero didn’t tip his hand as to how he’ll rule after Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, called the attorney fee request ‘gross and excessive,’ and then labeled the sanction demand ‘absolutely absurd and outrageous,'” Bloomberg reports. The fees, said Avenatti, should not exceed $25,000.

As The Daily Wire noted Monday, Trump’s lawyers have defended their “gross and excessive” legal fees by contending that Avenatti’s public antics and publicity-seeking required them to put in an unusual amount of time — over 500 hours — into the “virtually unprecedented” situation.

It is unclear if the judge will agree with the Trump team and punish Daniels and Avenatti for their over the top antics.

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