TV Star’s Political Event Cancelled After Anti-Semitic Threat

Illana Glazer who stars on the show ‘Broad City’ had to cancel a political event recently after someone wrote “kill all Jews” inside the Synagogue she was set to speak at.

According to Fox News:

A political event hosted by “Broad City” star Ilana Glazer at a historic Brooklyn synagogue was canceled Thursday when a vandal scrawled “Kill all Jews” inside.

The NYPD said “anti-Semitic messages” were discovered on the stairwell of Union Temple in Brooklyn Heights at around 8 p.m. Thursday.

At about 8:30, Glazer came out of the venue to tell the crowds that the 8 p.m. event, where she was scheduled to interview journalist Amy Goodman and New York state senate candidates Andrew Gounardes and Jim Gaughran was canceled because of the graffiti.

“She didn’t feel comfortable ushering 200 people into the enclosed space; potential sitting ducks,” an attendee named Kathryn Gonzalez posted on Facebook.

Following the events of last weekend, it is understandable that the event was canceled. Everyone should be able to speak without threats of violence towards them.

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