Victoria’s Secret Model Admonished For Insensitive Comment

A Victoria’s Secret model is under fire for an insensitive comparison she made recently.

According to Fox News:

Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor is facing backlash after comparing being blonde to the challenges models of color face in the fashion industry.

In a clip from E!’s new show “Model Squad,” model Shanina Shaik who is of Lithuanian, Pakistani and Arab descent, is seen explaining how she has been bullied in the industry for her skin color.

“A lot of black girls would have to miss Milan because they weren’t able to walk in the shows because they don’t want girls of tha color,” she says.

The model then responded to Shaik’s diversity struggles by saying, “You know how hard it is to be blonde? I have to get a highlight every month! Do you know how expensive that is?”

The model has since released an apology after the incredible backlash she received from fans over her comment.

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