Monday Update: Jim Bob Duggar Announces Senate Bid, Trump Goes Viral At World Series

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:


“19 and Counting” star Jim Bob Duggar plans to re-enter politics in a bid for Arkansas State Senate, amid his son Josh Duggar’s legals woes over possession of child pornography.  

“I’m running for State Senate because these are unprecedented times in our nation. Out-of-control bureaucrats have put politics over common-sense policy with government mandates that force people to choose between earning a paycheck and violating their personal rights and beliefs,” he announced on the family’s Facebook page. “The foundational principles that have made our nation great are under threat like never before.”

Duggar served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for four years, prior to filming the TLC reality show that made his family household names.

“Now more than ever, we need a bold voice that is pro-family, pro-business, pro-gun and pro-life,” he continued. “It’s time for conservatives to demand courageous leadership that puts Arkansas families, jobs, and our constitutional liberties first. I look forward to being your voice in the Arkansas State Senate.”

The Senate seat he’s running for was vacated last week, and a special election will be held to elect a successor. The election could potentially coincide with Josh’s federal court trial, which is slated to begin Nov. 30.  


Former President Donald Trump went viral during Game 4 of the World Series after he was recorded laughing as the crowd chanted “Let’s go Brandon” as the Atlanta Braves defeated the Houston Astros 3-2 on Saturday night. 

The chant has emerged as PG version of “F**k Joe Biden” when a reporter tried to explain away a Nascar crowd disparaging the president with the claim that they were actually calling out their support for winning driver Brandon Brown.

Trump gamely chuckled and nodded along as the crowd near his box seats chorused the slogan. As of Sunday, the video has been “liked” more than 650,000 times and viewed by over 6 million.



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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick compared the league’s draft process to a slave auction in his Netflix series “Colin in Black & White.” 

“What they don’t want you to understand is what’s being established is a power dynamic,”the former San Francisco 49ers star accused. “Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance. No boundary respect. No dignity left intact.”

The accompanying visuals show NFL prospects morph into shackled slaves, who are whipped and bid on by white slave owners at an auction.  

Critics were less than impressed with the scene. “Colin Kaepernick compares the NFL combine, which allows all players of all races a voluntary chance to become multi-millionaires, to slavery,” tweeted radio host Clay Travis. “Anyone still defending this imbecile lacks a functional brain.”

Walking Away

“Ride Along” star Ice Cube won’t be along for the ride in Sony’s comedy “Oh Hell No,” after refusing to get vaccinated.

Cube was set to star alongside Jack Black, after joining the project in June, but producers chose to implement a mandatory vaccination policy for the cast and crew, prior to filming in Hawaii this winter.  

The “Friday” actor chose to walk away from a $9 million payday to avoid getting the jab. His exit marks the second film he’s departed from in the last few months. He left boxing movie “Flint Strong,” prior to shooting, but no reason was given for his withdrawal.  


Breaking the Silence

Alec Baldwin spoke out publicly for the first time since he accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins to death on the set of his western “Rust.” 

“How many bullets have been fired in films and TV shows in the last 75 years?” Baldwin asked. “This is America. How many bullets have gone off in movies, nearly all of them without incident?”

He defended the “Rust” set as a “very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together,” but said production is unlikely to start back up after the incident. The actor also added that he supports Hollywood’s recent push to change gun rules in the industry.

“I’m not an expert in this field,” Baldwin went on, “so whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people’s safety on film sets, I’m all in favor of, and I will cooperate with that in any way that I can.” 

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