Fox News About to Get Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit

Fox News About to Get Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit
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Even though Bill O'Reilly may be gone, and Roger Ailes, too, it's not just a rampant culture of sexual harassment that went down at the network for years: it was also horrible racism.

Seven employees are on the verge of joining a racial discrimination suit against the network that was filed last month by two colleagues, according to media reports out Sunday morning.

According to sources, at some point next week, these seven black employees will join up to get nine total Fox News workers in a lawsuit filed against Fox itself and the network's longtime comptroller Judy Slater.

The suit holds that Slater subjected payroll staff to racial insults for years!!! Slater herself was fired in February when the original suit was filed, but things are about to get a LOT worse at Fox. That's because Fox's accounting director, Tammy Efinger, is also at issue in the suit, after she allegedly participated in Slater's racist behavior and failed to reprimand the comptroller in any way.
 Source: Perez Hilton

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