Biden boards jet after spending a total of 12 minutes at the United Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Credit: X/@RNCResearch.
Biden boards jet after spending a total of 12 minutes at the United Auto Workers strike in Michigan. Credit: X/@RNCResearch.

President Biden’s Short 12-Minute Visit To The UAW Strike In Michigan Ends With A Quick Departure For A Hollywood Liberal Fundraiser.

Biden’s 12-Minute Photo-Op Visit To United Auto Workers Strike

  • President Biden engages with striking United Auto Workers (UAW) without addressing key concerns linked to Electric Vehicle (EV) mandates.
  • Many criticized Biden for his lackluster and vapid performance at the UAW strike, both in terms of substance and delivery, as many criticized the showing as nothing more than a photo-op for the Biden campaign.
  • Additionally, his brief 12-minute appearance before departing on his jet drew further scrutiny.
  • After just 12 minutes with the striking workers, Biden proceeded to participate in a fundraiser in California for his campaign, where he’ll be staying for two days.

Watch Biden Leave After Only 12 Minutes Here:

  • The Trump campaign would release a statement following Biden’s short visit to the UAW strike, saying:

“This is nothing more than a PR stunt from Crooked Joe Biden to distract and gaslight the American people from his disastrous Bidenomics policies that have led to so much economic misery across the country.”

Inflation, EV Push, And United Auto Workers Demands

  • Workers seek new contracts that offer wage hikes aligning with inflation rates, job security amid the green energy transition.

  • Auto workers demand cost-of-living adjustments amidst rising inflation, as well as job protection with the rising demand for Electric vehicles, which require only roughly half the amount of workers to manufacture.
  • Companies propose inflation bonuses; however, unions are hesitant due to uncontained inflation and broken promises in the past.

Impact Of EV Mandates On Employment That Biden Failed To Address

  • The push for electric vehicles threatens auto worker employment levels.
  • The rapid EV transition, supported by policies from the Biden administration, is expected to reduce the number of jobs available in the auto sector, despite claims of new “clean and green” job opportunities.
  • Many green manufacturing plants are anticipated to be located in states where union activities are limited.
  • Critics argue that the transition to electric vehicles imposes disproportionate sacrifices on auto workers.
  • The accelerated shift towards electric vehicles may benefit China, a dominant player in the EV supply chain.
  • China controls a significant share of essential EV battery components and parts, making it a pivotal player in the industry.

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