Adult Film Star Ends Presidential Bid

Adult Film Star Ends Presidential Bid
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An adult film star has ended her bid for the White House seventeen months after it started.

According to Fox News:

A Democrat porn star is ending her long shot 2020 bid to “Make America F---ing Awesome Again” after her campaign failed to get off the ground.

Cherie DeVille, an adult film actress whose real name is Carolyn Paparozzi, made a splash after announcing her bid for president 17 months ago, way ahead of every other candidate, and hoped to run for the Democrat Party’s nomination.

But she has officially ended her endeavor, citing a lack of support for a campaign that tried to combine opposition to Trump, libertarianism, and Bernie Sanders-like views, including legalization of marijuana, free education, gun control, and net neutrality.


She also said that Stormy Daniels, another adult film actress, and her fling with President Trump made her campaign seem unoriginal, hurting her chances.

The presidential hopeful is now endorsing her "love" Bernie Sanders for the White House.

 Source: American Update

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