Alyssa Milano Backs Disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill

Alyssa Milano Backs Disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill
Actress Alyssa Milano, outspoken advocate for teh #MeToo movement, has come out in defense of disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill. As Fox News reports:

Actress, activist and #MeToo advocate Alyssa Milano defended Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., on Tuesday night, expressing she "would've fought by her side" if the congresswoman hadn't chosen to resign, despite the lawmaker's admission that she was in an "inappropriate" relationship with a campaign staffer.

Appearing on CNN, the former "Charmed" star was asked if she thought Hill's announced resignation was the "right move."


"I don't feel that it was the right move. I feel that there's incredible hypocrisy that goes on, and if Katie Hill were a man who was in a consensual relationship with another man and a woman, that this would be a different outcome."

Milano then pointed to "indicted criminals" such as Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who was charged with violating campaign finance laws and was accused of using campaign money to fund his extramarital affairs, while "we accepted the resignation of a really, really good congresswoman, a really bright woman, for what she does in her private time that was consensual."

This move is quite the turnaround for the anti-harrassment advocate, as Hill was forced to resign on Sunday after revelations that she had a 'throuple' affair between her much younger campaign staffer and former husband, as well as a separate affair with her legislative director. 
 Source: American Update

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