Chelsea Clinton Joins in on Trump Bashing

Chelsea Clinton Joins in on Trump Bashing
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Chelsea Clinton waded into political waters, bashing President Trump and “what he’s doing to degrade what it means to be an American.”

In a wide-ranging interview published Sunday in the U.K. paper the Guardian to promote her new children’s book, the former first daughter decried the Trump administration and its supporters, whom she said “have not only mainstreamed hate, but mainlined it, is so deeply dangerous.”

She cited the rise in hate crimes reported to the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center as evidence of the toxic effects of Trump’s political language in talk about illegal immigration and the building of a border wall.

“Not just the hundreds, but now thousands of instances in schools across America, where children are citing the president as they’re demeaning a little girl, or they’re chanting ‘Build a wall’ in an attempt to demean and degrade brown children,” she said.
 Source: The Wrap

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