CNN Host Don Lemon Slams Trump's Schedule

CNN Host Don Lemon Slams Trump's Schedule
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CNN host Don Lemon has found a new way to attack President Trump. This time the host is taking issue with the schedule of the president.

According to Fox News:

CNN anchor Don Lemon slammed President Trump for having an open schedule this week and suggested he wasn’t doing any work.

“What is he doing? What is he doing? Looks like he’s having a whole lot of executive time behind closed doors in the White House,” Lemon said. “Today with the fifth day in a row without a public appearance by the president.”

Lemon then displayed Trump’s official schedule to his viewers, showing he has “only two” meetings, one with Vice President Mike Pence, and the other an intelligence briefing. He also mentioned a fundraiser both the president and the vice president attended at the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C., which was closed to the press.

“We also learned that the president also spoke today with the interim president of Venezuela, but there are still hours and hours and hours of time unaccounted for, so it makes you wonder; What is the president of the United States doing with all that time with so little on his schedule. No official way for anyone to know how this president spends his days. Unofficially, though, there is Twitter and we know this president tweets from early morning to late night,” Lemon continued.

Lemon is claiming the president is not working and is using his open availability to further his point.

 Source: American Update

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