Comedian Booed For Making Jokes About Trump

Comedian Booed For Making Jokes About Trump
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Comedian George Lopez was booed while performing at a charity gala last week after making several jokes against President Donald Trump, according to Page Six.

According to the report, Liberty Media CEO and Trump supporter Greg Maffei donated $250,000 to the event in aid of Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes but asked that Lopez steer clear of anti-Trump jokes. Lopez ignored this plea and continued to make Trump jokes, and tensions began to rise.

“George was asked nicely to stop making Trump jokes by a man in front row [Maffei] who just donated $250K,” an eyewitness told Page Six. “George doesn’t, continues. Gets booed.”

“Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men,” Lopez responded, before blaming the audience’s dissatisfaction on their “white privilege.”
 Source: Breitbart

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