Demi Moore's Reveals Horrifying Childhood Rape

Demi Moore's Reveals Horrifying Childhood Rape
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Actress Demi Moore opened up about a truly horrifying event from her past. As Fox News reports:

Demi Moore said she was raped at age 15 by a man who paid her alcoholic mother $500 for the unspeakable act.

The 56-year-old opened up about the shocking episode, which she initially detailed in her new memoir “Inside Out,” with Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America” Monday...

According to the actress, the incident took place when she came home one night and an older man she and her mother knew was in the apartment. After he raped her, Moore says the man asked her how it felt “to be whored by your mother for $500.”...

Moore’s upbringing was far from loving. The star said both her parents suffered from alcoholism and the family moved across the country frequently as they faced debt. Moore said she was 12 when her mother first attempted suicide.

Moore would later go on to overcome her troubled childhood and became the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
 Source: American Update

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