Elisabeth Hasselbeck Responds to Rosie's Comments

Rosie O'Donnell recently revealed that she had a crush on a co-worker. That co-worker responded strongly accusing Rosie of benefitting from a double standard where she could and would have been accused of harassment had she been a man.

According to Fox News:

O'Donnell, 57, revealed in a new book (excerpted Monday) that she had "a little crush" on Hasselbeck, 41, despite their being on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum.


On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, Hasselbeck responded to O'Donnell's remarks, saying she "immediately started praying" after she read them and noting that if a man said the same things about her, "there would be an objectification of women in the workplace."

"So that is disturbing and it's wrong. And whether you're a man or whether you're a woman, and you're objectifying women in the workplace, it's wrong," she said.


"I can handle that with the grace of God because I need grace and I need forgiveness," she said. "So Rosie, I think it was disturbing to read those things and it was offensive to me, but I forgive her. I totally forgive you, Rosie ... I really hope that we can be at peace and that we can both hold our beliefs in one hand and hold each other's hand in the other and still have a relationship that's at peace."

Hasselbeck stated that she tried contacting O'Donnell directly but had outdated contact information and was unable to do so.

 Source: American Update

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