Famous Victim is Speaking Out

  • 01/28/2019 12:00 AM
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Famous Victim is Speaking Out
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Lorena Bobbitt became famous for her retaliation to her allegedly abusive husband, and now the famous victim is speaking out.

According to Fox News:

Lorena Bobbitt hopes that the new documentary about her story will shed light on not only her story, but also on those of other victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Produced by Jordan Peele, "Lorena" will premiere Tuesday at the Sundance Film Festival.

You probably know the story by now: In June 23, 1993, Lorena cut off husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis and fled their Manassas, Va., apartment with it, discarding it in a field.

The case became a media sensation and a late night joke writer's dream; Lorena was acquitted of malicious wounding "by reason of temporary insanity," reportedly spawned by abuse she suffered at John's hands. John denied all abuse allegations.

Lorena is speaking out:

She takes particular exception to Howard Stern, who paid for her ex-husband's penis enlargement surgery and had John as a regular guest on the show — but she's not holding her breath waiting for an apology from the King of All Media.

She took exception to the attention the media paid to the injury and not the underlying crime she was retaliating for. Bobbitt also said that she is not looking for an apology.

 Source: TTN

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