Here's How the 'Roseanne' Spinoff Will Address Roseanne's Departure

Here's How the 'Roseanne' Spinoff Will Address Roseanne's Departure
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After weeks of rumors, the showrunners of "Roseanne" have revealed a hint about how the show's spinoff will deal with star Roseanne Barr's departure.

Radar reports:

After ABC’s hit show Roseanne was cancelled as the result of lead actress and producer Roseanne BarrOpens a New Window.’s shocking racist remarks, the Connor family will return to TV for a spinoff showOpens a New Window. focused on Sara Gilbert‘s character Darlene. But Barr’s beloved character will be spoken about on the new show, can report. And the end of Roseanne Connor will not be pretty!

“Everyone is eager to move forward with this and the remainder of the cast, as well as the writers, have come up with some really creative ways to kill off Roseanne’s character,” a network insider revealed.
n addition, the remaining characters, including Gilbert and John GoodmaOpens a New Window.n, will address Barr’s scandal in some way.

“They are not going to avoid Roseanne’s scandal and pretend it didn’t happen. Nearly all of their plot ideas actually tackle the scandal head on in the first few episodes,” the insider claimed.

 Source: American Update

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